Residential Interior Design Services

The Inside View offers a list of residential interior design services in and around Haverhill, MA. Call 978-373-1800 to learn more.

Choosing a professional to collaborate with is a very personal decision. With over 20 years of experience in design, construction, project management and attention to detail, we will help to guide you through all of the phases of your project.

All About Residential Interior Design

Residential interior design is all about making your space feel like home. You can spend your days in the business of the outside world. But, when you come home, you want to feel the comfort and enjoyment that home brings. Whether it is transforming your living room, a bedroom, the kitchen, a home office space, or the entire house, The Inside View can help. 

Thanks to our history in construction and project management, there is no job too big for our professional, yet personable team. 

Construction & Renovation Management

Sometimes in order to create a truly distinct look, renovation of the space is necessary – and this involves construction. While not all interior designers will handle the construction phase, at The Inside View, we do. We have a history in construction and project management to ensure that your home can transform as smoothly and with as little disruption as possible.

Custom Cabinets & Millwork

Details, regardless of how tiny, can create a unique space. And with custom cabinetry and millwork, you can allow those details to shine. You will find yourself with endless possibilities to show off your style.

From the trim around your doors, mantel, molding, and shelving, to custom-made cabinetry for your kitchen and spaces throughout your home, the Inside View strives to stay on top of all the trending designs and layouts available so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our range of expertise covers

Color Palette Selection • Space Planning & DesignConstruction & Renovation ManagementConstruction Documentation • Kitchen & Bath Design • Custom Cabinets & Millwork • Flooring • Furniture & Finishes • Lighting • Window Treatments, Shades and Blinds • Art, Accessories and Entertainment • Landscape Design

Why Choose The Inside View?

Residential interior design goes much deeper than the surface appearance. To truly transform a space, it takes a team of individuals with different skills and expertise to lead the way through many different project and construction phases. At The Inside View, we have over 20 years of experience in this field to successfully oversee the transformation of your space.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide a balance of creativity and professionalism, along with the perfect eye for the smallest of details. After all, each design is unique and created in a way that fits your needs and preferences. We want to help you find your perfect space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Interior Design

We understand that hiring an interior designer is a personal decision. If you would like to learn more about us or would like to visit our showroom, please call 978-373-1800 or visit us at 18 Essex St., Haverhill, MA 01832.