Construction Documentation Services

The Inside View offers Construction Documentation Services in and around Haverhill, MA. Call 978-373-1800 to learn more. 

About Construction Documentation

Designing allows your creativity to flow and enhancements to be visualized. But to make sure everyone is seeing your vision - especially when architectural changes are needed - then formal documents need to be drawn up. 

Construction documentation during the design process includes the production of a set of drawings that were created after careful collaboration between the architect and the engineer. After they are sure the plans are exactly what the client is looking for, they will sign off on them and it can move into the active construction phase. 

These drawings are required for estimating costs of the construction project and obtaining any necessary permits to be able to proceed with the work.

What’s Included in Construction Documentation?

Construction documentation contains more than just the architectural drawings for the project. Depending on the project and how involved it is, you may find the following included: 

  • General information about the scope of the project, general dimensions, diagrams, and so on. 
  • Interior design information including information about the scope of the project, interior drawings, as well as information about finishes, hardware, fixtures, furniture, etc. 
  • Specific drawings for any customized projects, such as customized cabinetry. 
  • Necessary information concerning structure, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, etc. 
  • Any modifications, requirements, or special requests. 

Anyone who is working on the design project should be able to access this information and know exactly what is going on at any given moment. That’s the beauty of having all this documentation together.

Why Choose The Inside View?

When you use The Inside View for your residential or commercial interior design needs, you have access to everything you need all in one place. There are some interior designers that will work with you for the design and allow a third party to oversee the entire construction portion. However, we have a long history of construction and project management. We oversee the entire process to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible - and exactly as planned. 

There are a lot of details that go into your construction documentation. Let the professional and creative team at The Inside View handle your project from the time we first meet until it is complete.


Why are construction documents necessary in interior design?

The construction documents document all information concerning the work to be kept in one space. This makes it easy for permitting and others involved to have all the details of the project. 

What is the construction document phase?

The construction document phase is the process of preparing the drawings, getting the specs, determining any special requirements. In other words, this phase is laying the foundation for all the physical construction work that is to come. 

Who oversees the construction job?

Your interior designer will oversee the construction job to make sure that it all goes according to plan. However, the interior designer is not a general contractor but rather works with a GC who oversees the subcontractors hired to complete the work.

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