Space Planning & Design Services

The Inside View offers Space Planning & Design Services in and around Haverhill, MA. Call 978-373-1800 to learn more. 

About Space Planning and Design

When it comes to interior design, space planning and design is the fundamental element. This process involves the designer doing an analysis of the space - including who uses it, what it is used for, how it is used, and so on. There are multiple zones within each space - each with specific activities that take place within them. Then, of course, it is also important to take into consideration the layout and how people will move through the space. 

As you can tell, this process involves a lot of thought and creativity. The idea is basic, but the concepts within it as seen by your interior designer are much more in-depth. All in all, once this space planning is done, you will have the design for a space that not only looks fantastic, but is extraordinarily functional, too.

Benefits of 3D Rendering

3D Rendering allows us to show you what certain ideas will look like if they were created. It’s hard to visualize something you cannot see. It’s even harder when you are trying to visualize something that someone else is trying to explain, such as your interior designer. So, to make it much easier - and create a smoother experience - 3D rendering allows you to see how it would look in real life. 

With 3D Rendering you can:  

  • Speed up the design process since you can view and decide on changes instantly. 
  • Instantly see an accurate depiction of the design. 
  • Easily be shared for others to view. 
  • Avoid hassles by being able to see the design before it is done – so there are no issues or redesigns necessary. 

3D Rendering is an impressive tool that proves to be very beneficial for everyone involved.

Why Choose Us?

Planning and designing a space in your home or office is something that requires a lot of analyzing and articulation. We take everything you have shared with us about your likes, dislikes, and wishes - and combine it with how we see the best use of the space to make it as functional as possible. 

Each situation is unique. And, we treat it as such. With our experience and history in working in both residential and commercial design, as well as years with construction and project management, we’ve got a lot to offer you. 

The best space is space that is used in a way that makes life easier - but also looks and feels great, too. The team at The Inside View welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve this.


Why is space planning important?

Space planning is important because it helps determine the best use of space and how it should be designed to get the most out of it. Space planning can be used for small spaces like bedrooms as well as for more complex spaces, such as restaurants or dental offices. 

What factors are considered in space planning and design?

There are many factors that an interior designer takes into consideration when space planning. These include the function of the space, the different zones, the size and shape, traffic flow, lighting and more. 

Why is 3D Rendering so important?

3D Rendering allows you to see the results of the design project before any work has taken place. Using 3D life-like images, you get results that give you a really good idea of what the end product would look like.

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